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Water Troughs

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OTR RECYCLING IS IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING WATER TROUGHS as tough and durable as the ranching industry that uses them. OTR water troughs are ranch and feedlot tested for more than 15 years by people as critical as you.

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The only material tough enough for the type of troughs we build comes from the heavy construction and mining equipment tire industry. OTR Recycling has the technology and know-how to combine the super tough rubber tires with specially formulated concrete to make extremely durable livestock water troughs that won't leak, rust, rot or break down no matter how hot or cold, wet or dry it gets on your pastures. We guarantee it.

In fact, the US environmental protection agency estimates that it will take about 500 years for the sun to affect the first inch of rubber on these tires. No one has ever estimated how long it will take for the concrete to break down without using a jackhammer.

OTR Recycling water troughs are different for other used tire troughs. OTR troughs are complete units ready to work when you load them on your truck or flat deck. All you have to do is haul them to the pastures, hook up the water and you've got a working water trough.

When you buy an OTR Recycling trough, all you have to do is add the water and stand back to let the cattle drink. OTR Recycling is in the water trough business. We're not in the used mining tire business. OTR Recycling has water troughs for feed lots, wintering grounds and summer pastures with volumes ranging from 40 or 50 gallons up to the 1500 gallon size.

Product List
OTR Stock No. Description Volume*
OTR0011  11' WATER Trough with Riser 1000 gallons
OTR009WR  9' Water Trough with Riser 800 gallons
OTR0009  9' Water Trough 800 gallons
OTR0008WR  8' Water Trough with Riser 700 gallons
OTR0008  8' Water Trough 700 gallons
OTR0006S  6' Water Trough 220 gallons
OTR0006WF  6' Water Trough with 1'' fitting 220 gallons
OTR0005S6038053 5' Summer Pasture Trough 180 gallons
OTR0005WF  5' Summer Pasture Trough with 1'' fitting 180 gallons
OTR00056038046 5' Winter Water Trough 175 gallons
OTR0006  6' Winter Water Trough 200 gallons
OTR 008 - 24''  8' 24'' Summer Water Trough 500 gallons
CRIBBING TIRES  Cribbing Tires  
SILEAGE FEEDERS  Sileage Feeders 5' - 8'
APEX VALVES  Apex Valves  

 * All volumes are approximate

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